Political Strategy Services

Deploying capital presents a number of risks. Business risk has always been evaluated and, in the wake of the financial crisis in 2007/2008, funds became increasingly conscious of legal risk in making investment decisions. However, in the current, dynamic global geopolitical climate (and against the backdrop of the constantly-evolving political agendas that correspond), legislative and political risk (both macro and micro) must be analysed when investing anywhere in the world, alongside the traditional business and legal risk analyses.

Our Political Strategy Services follow a structured process of delivery, fusing Global Political Strategy (data-driven macro analysis of relevant geopolitical factors) with Bespoke Transaction Analysis (micro analysis of deal-specific factors):

Global Political Strategy // Industry-leader and Avonhurst Partner, Tina Fordham, conducts original research, horizon-scanning and scenario analysis of macro themes, key risk events and signposts that move markets, the global economy and influence transaction success.

Bespoke Transaction Analysis // We conduct micro-analysis of specific sectors, jurisdictions, asset classes and targets relevant to your transactions, to support you through your investment decision process (which can be drawn together with relevant Global Political Strategy Analysis).

Political & Communications Strategy // To ensure you have the strongest communications and public affairs strategy, our team will identify key reputational risks, associated scenario-planning and assist you with implementation.

Network Activation // Our global network of key decision- and policy-makers is peerless. We will access their expertise and pool their insight to better understand the local context, relevant to your transactions, which complements our overarching analysis.

Investment Decision // We will support you through your final investment decision and will remain fully active in providing analyses and execution support – whichever direction the process takes.

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